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We provide agricultural insurance and reinsurance risk services to the agricultural risk sector including:


Assistance with the development of client’s risk transfer, business and marketing strategy.

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Product development

Unique approach to seemingly impossible challenges.

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Reinsurer, broker and government relations.


Client prospecting

In-depth knowledge and experience to support new business development.

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Research & Analysis

Global research and market analysis.

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Specialist advisor

Knowledge transfer and expert reinsurance portfolio peer review.

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We have been actively involved in the design, development and rating of insurance and reinsurance products for:


  • Crop Hail

  • Named Peril

  • Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (yield guarantee)

  • Crop Revenue Insurance (yield and commodity price risk)

  • Area yield and weather indexed products


  • All risks of mortality insurance for various animal  types

  • Price risk insurance

  • Livestock disease including new product development (Avian Influenza, Blue Tongue disease, Salmonella, inc Ms and Mg)

  • Index protection on cattle feed quality

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