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Rhomega Systems LLC

Gregg Evans

Gregg Evans Picture.jpg



Gregg Evans is a principal at Rhomega Systems LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has 45 years programming experience and 40 years experience in the reinsurance industry where he specialises in actuarial systems modelling and data architecture with an emphasis on agriculture.

Ag Risk Managers

Andre Patry

Andre Patry.jpg



Andre Patry is the principal of Ag Risk Managers. He began his career with the Ontario Crown Corporation, delivering crop insurance and other agricultural business risk management tools. After leaving, Andre joined a multi disciplinary group in establishing a reciprocal insurance exchange for a national producer association. ARM is currently managing the exchange on behalf of producer members.


Bob Burden

Serecon_Bob_B  Picture.jpg



Bob, a senior partner with Serecon, has over 30 years experience as a professional evaluator and analyst. He is an expert in using quantitative and qualitative information in assessing the impact of critical factors on the value of business operations.

Stewart Hindley LLP

Richard Hindley

Richard Hindley.jpg



Richard is senior partner at Stewart Hindley LLP, which specialises in helping to secure commercial loans across the hospitality, leisure and commercial property sectors.

Stewart Hindley LLP

Chris Hindley

Chris Hindley.jpg


Chris qualified in 1974 with BDO Stoy Hayward and left the profession to work within the Telecoms and IT industries. During his career spanning 45 years he was appointed to the boards of several leading UK Plc's as Finance Director and Managing Director. After deciding to return to professional practise in 1999, Chris founded Stewart Hindley LLP.


Bruce Stephen

Bruce Stephen Pic.png



Bruce had a 26 year career in agricultural business risk management programs, working for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. After retiring in 2019, Bruce is now principal of AgriB (Canada), est 2020. Through AgriB, Bruce has been involved in projects related to insurance for livestock price risk and horticulture production risk, as well as projects relating to the use of satellite technologies for Indigenous agricultural producers in Canada and South and Central America.

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