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DH AgRisk

Professionals in the development of agriculture production risk management strategies and solutions.

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Core skills and capabilities in the agricultural insurance and reinsurance sector can be summarised as follows:

  • Significant experience with Government agencies in leading major agricultural risk projects that have resulted in the development of a number of innovative risk transfer solutions

  • The ability to create strategic alliances with key players in the industry and government

  • Considerable commodity market/ derivatives experience

  • In-depth knowledge and leading position in livestock mortality and disease insurance

  • Strong relationships with all markets that underwrite crop and livestock reinsurance, globally

  • In-depth modelling capability and access to actuarial services

Wheat Crop

“Changes in the global agricultural dynamics over the past few years have conspired to increase the need for new and innovative risk management solutions. These include not only insurance and reinsurance, but also capital markets solutions to transfer agriculture risks.”

We are specialists in the provision of added value risk management services to the agricultural insurance and reinsurance industry, globally, including:

  • Insurance companies

  • Reinsurance companies

  • Lloyd's Syndicates

  • Governments and their agencies

  • Insurance and reinsurance brokers

  • Agricultural investment companies

  • Alternative risk carriers

  • Capital markets

  • Producer associations

  • Large farming and agricultural corporations

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